About Our Products

Why choose our products?

Imperium Labz has superior products with the most simple yet effective ingredients to date! No proprietary blends used, no corners cut! Our products are simple because supplements don't need to be complex to work. Science proves what works and what doesn't work.

With our Pre-Workout stack you will get a Fat-Burner, Pre-Workout, Nutrient Dispatch, Hydration Complex, Nitric Oxide, Focus Stim, and Endurance Booster all in 3. Power-Up delivers most of this on its own but when paired CGT-Hydrate, and Power-Pump it cannot be beat by any stack.

Power-Up is awesome at providing a mental stimulating focus with little to no crash because everything is balanced.

1. 250mg of Caffeine for a moderate dose of initial energy spike, 200mg of DMHA to provide a middle end high energy focus paired with 30mg of Noopept and 750mg L-Tyrosine amplify your own body's ability to provide mental focus and natural adrenaline!

2. While DMHA has yet to kick in 15mg of Niacin 3,200mg of Beta-Alanine and 6mg of Yohimbine HCL will get you an initial surge and rush of energy flooding the veins for even faster absorption of not only all the ingredients of Power-Up but also nutrients as well providing sustained energy and endurance!

3. Fat burning? 6-Paradol (sweat more/drop water weight/flush toxins), DMHA (focused energy/burns more calories/appetite suppressing), Yohimbine HCL (alpha-2 blocker which keeps fat off), and Caffeine (burns more calories/provides raw energy).

4. Now to the incredible blood of the god's muscle filled pumps! 4000mg of L-Citrulline not Citruline Malate which requires double the dose for the same effects, 1500mg of Agmatine Sulfate, 1500mg of Arginine as AKG, the Niacin, and the Yohimbine HCL all open the veins and fill them to the brim with volume allowing the greatest pumps available!


How to make this pump even greater? ADD Power-Pump which includes 6000mg of Citrulline Malate which helps boost your endurance in your workout and provide L-Citrulline (3000mg), another 1500mg of Agmatine Sulfate and another 1000mg of Arginine as AKG! But it doesn't stop there! Vanadyl Sulfate, Grape seed extract and vitamin C are introduced to help raise insulin sensitivity to shuttle carbs into the muscle even faster!

Can you believe this gets any better? I'm not even kidding... it does.

CGT-Hydrate is a Creatine, Glutamine, Taurine Formula along with electrolytes to throw water into the muscle which fills you with more nutrients, for growth, fat burning, and endurance. (lipolysis, hydrolysis, atp synthesis).

With all 3 products combined you are going to get the greatest growth possible with a proper diet, and training routine there is nothing you can't achieve!